Friday, January 27, 2006

This is a picture of me with some friends at our favorite place to hang out in Lexington: The Dame. The one on my right is my best friend, Rebecca. I know she'll miss me a ton and I don't know what she'll do without me! Haha...I expect her up to visit within my first month there. Hopefully she'll come to grad school at UMD--she's thinking about it because they have a good public policy program, apparently.

Building M. and the Bosses

This is a picture of the Menokin House that I hope to get the chance to work on with the Bosses.

I know that for a while, I'm going to be in the office doing project write-ups. At the present, I'm not sure what all this will entail, but they've assured me that I'll learn a lot about preservation by reading their project records.

Well, I'm moving!

Last night I spoke with my future employers, and it's final: I'm moving to Annapolis either next weekend or the next. I'll be working with architectural materials conservators who are doing work in DC, VA, etc, very important stuff of course.

I'll be living in a big house on some land with one of my future bosses a mile or two from downtown Annapolis. I'm told that Annapolis is a "very bikeable" town and I'll be able to get around wherever I want on bike within about 10 minutes. I'll be working there at the house, where their main office is, doing a lot of writing for them until they start taking me out on site with them. That will be the great part, actually learning how to do stuff.

So--that's it for now! I'll be keeping this updated as I'm readying for the move. When I get up there, I'll try to update this often so all you guys--my friends and family--can see what I'm doing. I'm also going to post a lot of pictures of the places I'm living, working on, and seeing in the cities.

Until next time,