Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My first 2 days in The Greater DC Area

I'll recap my first 2.5 days in The Greater DC Area.

Rebecca and I arrived in Washington, DC on Saturday evening and after getting briefly lost while looking for the Roosevelt Bridge we went to our high school friend Anne Louise's apartment. She lives on Capitol Hill in a basement apartment in this eclectic neighborhood and we could see the Capitol from her front steps. We went to this Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood and when we were on our way to Union Station, it started pouring. We got completely soaked and tried to dry off in the bathroom, but all the dryers were broken so we dealt with it. Rebecca's metro ticket got stuck in the machine, so Anne Louise ran around for a while trying to find someone to get it out, and in the meantime we missed the train. Finally the ticket popped out on its own, Anne Louise returned, and we got on the train to Arlington. We went to the Iota club where we had a pleasant surprise: Robby had indeed remembered to put us on the guest list. Then we had another surprise: Robby's girlfriend had surprised him and flown up for the show.

Post-show we boarded a taxi to take us back to Anne Louise's. I was worn out by 9 pm, so a train ride home sounded painfully tiring. The taxi was expensive but worth it.

Next morning, we rose at 9 and went to brunch at a place called Bread and Chocolate, where I had Pfannkuchen, a German pancake, with berries and sour cream. It was basically 2 crepes with fresh strawberries and blueberries and sour cream (yes, I mean sour cream) and it was delicious. Also had lots of good bread and coffee.

Rebecca and I then departed for Annapolis. The drive was only about 30 minutes, and we easily found the house where I'm staying. We arrived, unloaded my car, met Boss B, who I am living with, and went downtown Annapolis to kill time and explore while Boss B worked on my living area some more. Rebecca and I found some coffee shops, none necessarily to our very high standards of atmosphere, but I had a very good soy latte and delicious blueberry scone at City Dock Cafe (www.citydockcafe.com), which I think may be a local chain. We walked around some more and went into one of the taverns to get out of the cold. There is a local microbrewery in Annapolis called Fordham's and Rebecca had one of their ales, but I had a cider.

Back at the house, we met the conservator Boss A. He gave us a recommendation for dinner, Cantler's (www.cantlers.com), which he and Boss B both described as a sort of dive for the locals who know where to eat seafood. We drove about 15 minutes to find it, and at our table the waitress laid down a brown paper "tablecloth" and set some vinegar, seasoned salt, and wooden mallets on the table. We ordered a broiled lump crab cake and traditional fried crab cake with a big basket of fries, but the best were the lobster and crab bisque which was on special, and the crab dip that came with buttered bread loaves. I made the mistake of ordering a Diet Coke, which was like $1.75, not realizing that they charged for every cup. I ended up drinking $7 worth of Diet Coke..oops. I think our dinner wound up right at $50 or so.

I'm going out for Mexican with Bosses B and C right now--although I already ate at Baja Fresh--I'll talk more about this later.


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