Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Night

I went to Baltimore this afternoon with Boss B and a helper from Guatemala--I got to drive Boss A's pickup truck, which was fun for me since I hadn't driven a truck since the day before prom when Ben and I visited [botanical] nurseries in Frankfort to pick up trees and flowers for the entryway. Anyway back to the point. We went to this huge warehouse in downtown Baltimore to pick up all kinds of stuff--mostly glass beakers and bottles for a chemistry lab, but also some really old shutters, doors, iron pieces, etc. It's a long story--basically the stuff was going into the trash unless someone wanted it, and with all the chemistry Boss A and Boss B do, they thought it was a great find. It was a long day and we rode in this really huge industrial type elevator, the kind where you can see the cables and the wooden walls of the floors you're going through.

This evening Boss B and I ordered middle Eastern food for dinner and I had some delicious moussaka. We flipped between the Olympics and the Westminster Dog Show. I was happy to see the Golden Retriever win the best in group for sporting dogs. Also saw a Parti Cocker and it reminded me of Adrien of course...I keep telling Mom and Sam to take good care of Mocha and Adrien and give them plenty of attention (Dad, that goes for you too!)

Mom and Dad sent me some beautiful flowers for Valentines Day which was really sweet and thoughtful! I love them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the flowers look very nice. I hope you enjoy them. Dad

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