Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a big day: my first full day of work as a preservation intern. Day went something like this:
7 am - got out of bed, showered, made coffee
8 am - began reading through project reports
12 pm - lunch break
1 pm - departed for old house with Boss C for "walk through" with homeowners
2 pm - walk through commences
5 pm - walk through ends and coffee/hazelnuts/chocolate snack time begins
6 pm - homeowners realize they should take us out for dinner instead of making me nauseous off too much sugar
6:30 pm - depart for dinner at Irish place called Killarney
7-9 pm - dinner. Had Irish Vegetarian Boxty: delicious and took half home for lunch today. The most acceptable way of eating zucchini I've had to date.
9:30 pm - arrived home tired and ready to crash

Long day. It was really interesting at the house with Boss C, but I'll talk more about that later. At this point, every minute longer I write my already dwindling night of sleep is further compromised.

Today was a little better in the length-of-day department. Got up, read through reports and began working out templates for the website, then went to a circa 1900 hospital with Boss A that is being turned into a condo development.

Tonight I was blogging and Bosses B and C invited me to go to dinner with them, and although I ate at Baja Fresh earlier tonight I decided it would be a good move to go at their invitation. I sat along for their dinner and by the end was falling asleep. I'm having trouble with this 7 am work day thing. Hopefully it gets easier as time goes by. Tomorrow I'm taking my work and going downtown to a coffee shop for potential new-friend-making.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kinda hope the hospital people don't take a look at this entry! Dad

5:39 PM  

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