Saturday, March 25, 2006

Grocery Drama Part II, Makeup Drama Part I

The short of it: I went shopping today.

The long of it follows.

Didn't buy anything at the first 3 stores I went in, as I was practicing trying things on and not buying anything. Then I went down to Hecht's, a department store that I don't think we have in Kentucky, and first looked at shoes but with no success. How is it possible for not one of the major retailers at the Annapolis mall to have one pair of sandals I both like and want to spend the money on? Everything was around $80. Where did I used to shop where I got sandals for $20 or $30? Oh yeah--Shoe Carnival. I wonder if they have those here.

Then I headed to purses, mulled around for another 20 minutes feeling really dejected and unsuccessful as I had at this point been at the mall for probably 2 hours without a single purchase. But all the purses were bad too.

On to the Benefit counter. For those not familiar with Benefit, it's a cosmetics brand characterized by quirky and witty products and packaging and really good products. I wanted to try their newest blush, called Dallas ("an outdoor glow for an indoor gal" ) and as I was walking up to the counter, I see a black man waving at me and motioning me over. He gushes something in an accent I didn't recognize about wanting to have a photo shoot with me and, caught a little off-guard, I try to play off the flattery by telling him I want to try Dallas. So he whips out the Dallas and a brush and hands it to me, and I douse my face in the stuff so I look pink and orange and ridiculous and I tell him I want to start over. So he says, "sit down, sit down!" and begins a near makeover on me, starting with my brows.

I didn't really understand who he was because usually at Benefit (and everywhere else I guess) there's a couple tastefully makeup-ed girls standing behind the counter sort of bored, and here was this enthusiastic black man with an accent putting makeup all over me and telling me he wanted to have a photo shoot.

I find out that he's the regional representative for Benefit in the Baltimore/Annapolis area and he just moved to Baltimore from New York City 8 months ago and is living with his cousin and cousin's wife until he gets an apartment, and doesn't know anyone here, and that in New York he did makeup for Christian Dior, Givenchy, all kinds of other designers I can't remember, and that now he travels around for Benefit. Oh, and that he's 30, from Nigeria and is in school to become a radiologist.

Of course this whole time I'm just rapt with the whole ordeal, an interesting and glamorous man from Nigeria giving me a makeover and profusely complimenting my beauty and how he wants to take pictures of me. And then he actually got out his camera phone and played with the lighting and spent about 10 minutes taking the best quality camera phone pictures as possible. My car keys were laying on the counter and he asked me what sort of car I drove--at this point I had been there at least an hour and we were basically best buddies--and I told him a Saturn (feeling very practical) and asked him what he drove. A black Mercedes, of course.

Then he decided he wanted to go to lunch. Being a very spontaneous person, I agree, and we go down to California Pizza Kitchen at the other end of the mall and have lunch. I asked to see pictures he had taken of his clients--he started to show me while we were still at Benefit--and he opened his phone and showed me pictures of people he had done makeup for at the Benefit counters and he remembered nearly everyone's name and their "story." Then came a picture of him standing with Vera Wang at the launch of her perfume.

Finished lunch, I refused to let him walk me to my car, he went back to work.

I couldn't resist going to Trader Joe's to see if my grocery-worker-future-boyfriend was there. He was there alright, bagging for the first lane. I didn't need any groceries and didn't know what to do, so I walked down the nut aisle and looked at some cashews and pistachios. I'm mulling about the almonds when he walks past me towards the dairy section, makes eye contact with me, and smiles and says hi. I think maybe he saw me come in and left bagging to come to dairy--close to nuts--and say hi to me. I wandered about trying to look purposeful for a little bit longer, picking up some random stuff (green peppers, peanut butter, string cheese, blackberries) to kill time and see if he would come talk to me. He didn't, but I think I may have caught him looking at me.

I got in line to pay. The cashier looked to be a lesbian so I figured she'd be a good one, since if I got a wild hair and left my phone number for him she, being a lesbian, wouldn't really care and would humor me and give him the number without any ado, but I chickened out and had no paper or pen so I paid and left. Went to Circuit City to debate going back and talking to him, then went to Marshall's where I got Burberry Brit for $3.99, a rain jacket, and a really ugly but "maybe I can make it cute" hawaiian shirt--and finally decided to come home and not go back and talk to him. The whole masochistic delaying of happiness and instead just anticipating things--and making him do the same--won out in the end. Plus now he'll look forward to going to work; bagging groceries must be a lot more exciting when you know your future girlfriend could walk in at any moment and talk to you.


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Ask Trader Joe guy were the pie section is.

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