Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Introduction to the Bosses

I'll tell you a little about the people I work for. Fox should make a reality TV show out of this. It would be hilarious.

Boss A is the main man, the guy the company is named for. He is a combination of Dr. Rowland and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Since no one reading this knows Dr. Rowland, let me try to describe Boss A. He wears dock shoes a lot. (Why is this the only thing I can think of?) He doesn't eat sugary stuff if he can help it, although today he and Boss B sent me into Starbucks and I came out with a chocolate donut and a scone and he said, 5 minutes later, guiltily but smug, "I ate all the food." Tonight he brought over half of an $80 bottle of wine that he got for his birthday and he gave it to me and Boss B, telling us to finish it tonight because it's an 89 vintage and won't be good tomorrow, and I feel bad because we each had a small glass and there is definitely a whole glass left. I thought about pouring it out to make it look like I drank it, but I don't have the heart. It was his birthday wine and this glass is worth $20. I don't know what to do with it. But back to the point. Boss A lot like me in some ways: doesn't get really worked up, isn't good with details, lots of time doesn't know what's going on. But he's brilliant when it comes to this work. I'd trust no one else to work on my house if I had something really great.

Boss B is Boss A's assistant/partner/whatever you wanna call it. They insist that this business is "flexible" and they don't have strict titles, per se. Boss B is about the polar opposite of Boss A in personality. She's Rebecca, whereas Boss A is me. Boss B is very detail-oriented, very on top of things, and she too doesn't like to eat sugary stuff. She works all the time--I don't think she ever takes a minute off. I've never seen her bedroom and I live with her--I don't think she has one. I doubt she ever sleeps. She's the gears that make this business run.

Boss C is the enigma. He is the stereotypical crazy architect. I've only met him on two or three occasions, but I've picked up some things. He marches to his own drum completely. He's brilliant. He's frustrating. He's on his own schedule and you just have to deal with it if it doesn't correspond to yours. He loves Lord of the Rings. And he can "read a house better than anyone in the country."

Then there's me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're wrong. I know who Dr. Rowland is. If you're talking about UK's best history teacher, that is. ;)

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