Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miscellaneous stories

I'm going to Baltimore today to this tool supplier called WTS. I have to take this huge machine to get it replaced. We almost had a disaster or a very small-scale battle this morning as Bosses A and B tried to get it into the trunk of my car. At one point Boss A threw it on the ground and Boss B yelled at him because it weighs like 80 pounds or something. Anyway, it's in the trunk and I'm off to take it to be repaired in a few minutes. Then later working on website stuff. Bosses A and B went to M. today to make a big presentation to the VIPs there--so there will either be a big celebration tonight or something in the manner of very depressed people sitting around in sadness, or something in the manner of very angry people sitting around in anger.

Last night Boss C and I went to eat at Mexican Cafe. If you think La Fiesta Grande in Frankfort is a dive, man, you ain't seen nothin yet. If you combined the flavor and festivity of La Fiesta with the general griminess of Common Grounds with the decor of a 1980s mobile home, you'd get Mexican Cafe. (I've had reports that several of you have been laughing at me for describing what I've had to eat at various restaurants so I'll quit doing that, which I personally believe is unfortunate because food is the pathway to my soul, or something like that, and besides, I like to talk about food and I think it's interesting to hear about meals, but it's your loss I guess.)

Anyway the whole point of telling you that Boss C and I went to dinner is to say that we had some good conversations. His daughter is bipolar so (over margaritas) we talked about depression science--brain scans, medication, the theory among some psychiatrists that thinking happy thoughts actually makes you happier as evidenced in brain scans of people thinking happy thoughts. Although I think that's a nice idea, I personally think that requires too much effort and if someone had told me to think happy thoughts when I was going through a really rough time, I probably would have screamed at them or started bawling or something. That is just not what a sad person wants to hear. I would personally rather simply take a pill than sit down and force myself to think happy thoughts. Then again maybe I should give it a try, but I'm doing pretty well right now with pills, thank you very much.

Then Boss C said that he feels like what goes on at Boss B's house is sort of like a modern version of a 1960s hippie commune. I asked him to explain, and he said, "Well, aside from the big organic farm you all are making there, Boss B has this big house, with people coming and going, sitting around and discussing ideas, how to make the world a better place, how to do things right, the morality of things, and so on [his signature phrase]," and then I added, "And how she doesn't use a diswasher." I don't think he got the joke, but I guess it was rather poorly executed, and it wasn't really a joke, it was more like a tease. I guess I haven't told you that Boss B doesn't use a dishwasher...

...So one day Boss B and I were discussing the guy who owns this house, and she said that he's a millionaire but like most millionaires, very thrifty. She told me that the dryer really needs to be fixed but that his wife basically wants us to use it until it completely bites the dust. I added, "Yeah, kind of like how he needs to fix the dishwasher." And she said, "Oh, the dishwasher works fine." I, of course, thought SO YOU MEAN I'VE BEEN DOING DISHES IN THE SINK ALL THIS TIME WHEN THE DISHWASHER WORKS?! After she told me that she just doesn't like to use dishwashers, I started to feel like I shouldn't have to wash the dishes. Why should I be penalized just because she doesn't like to use a dishwasher? But of course, it's really just the principle of the thing. I don't mind doing dishes, and I don't want Boss B to have to do my dishes. Still, I had a talk with Boss A about this yesterday and he suggested that we have a vote to start using the dishwasher.

Now off to Baltimore. Luckily I don't have to go to DC today, like I did yesterday...more on that later.


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Restaurant reviews and dishwashers are good!


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