Thursday, March 23, 2006

Power tools, a real-life meet cute, and 30 wrinkle releasers.


Went to Baltimore to a place called WTS, Inc, which I found is called "We're Tool Specialists!" which I thought was very sweet and endearing. It was the sort of place in which I would love to work as long as I could sleep in every day and leave whenever I wanted. It had that great construction, sawdust, paint thinner, glue smell, and there was this really old woman who looked straight out of the '50s sitting at a desk with cookies and decaf coffee on it. The men who worked there were supernice, and although they were older and hairier than I would have liked (I was envisioning buff mid-twentysomethings who would be excited that a girl with lipstick on was coming into their grimy shop and I would meet my future husband), one of them was cool enough to demonstrate to me how durable and well-made the steel sawhorses I was ordering would be; apparently Trojan Tools really knows how to make one heck of a sawhorse.

Once I got back to Annapolis (after a not-so-slight detour in which I got lost inside BWI airport and drove through the whole terminal and tried to play off the fact that I wasn't actually dropping anyone off for a flight), I decided to go to this grocery tht the Bosses keep telling me to go to, called Trader Joe's. I had a cute and movielike experience there so I'll tell you about it.

I was standing there with my basket (the small kind that you carry in the crook of your arm) full of couscous, salad, and boxed nonperishable-type Indian entrees, etc, maybe 15 items total, in a line behind maybe 4 people with full carts or baskets. Across the store I see this pretty cute guy about my age who looked like someone I would like to date (honestly, you never know where you'll meet your future spouse so I believe you should always keep your eyes open--you should never miss an opportunity) motioning to me to come over to his lane. I didn't honestly think he was looking at me but after looking behind my shoulder to check, and looking back at him, I realized that he indeed was looking at me. I headed over to his lane, sort of excited because at the time I didn't realize he was opening a lane and I thought maybe he just wanted to talk to me.

So apparently he really was opening a lane, and a woman with a fully loaded grocery cart--I'm talking really fully nearly overflowingly loaded--steps in front of me and I see his face sort of fall. He had a moment of indecision where he glanced from me to her and back to me, and in that moment the woman became confused and said, "Oh, are you not opening this lane?" Then she saw me, and the guy said, "I am--but she [me] was in front of you." Clearly I was not in front--I was physically standing behind her or at least diagonal from her--but I think she got the point and moved out of the way and kept muttering about not wanting to cut in line or something. The boy was just kind of smiling and I think he may have winked at me but I'm not sure about that.

Then he sort of nervously asked me how I was, or "what's up?" in a very deliberately casual way, and I started responding, but the woman behind me reared her ugly head and asked me if I liked Indian food. (Obviously I like Indian food you idiot, my basket is full of it.)

Me: "Yes, I do, do you not?"
Ugly Head Rearer: "No, I don't."
Me (Trying to be really nice and accommodating while wanting to ignore her and talk to the boy who went out of his way to open a lane for me and stood up for me in front of the woman with the huge cart): "Are you a vegetarian? It's really good for eating vegetarian."
UHR: "No, I'm not. Years and years ago, gosh it must have been 20 years ago, I had this curry dish with egg and it just burned my mouth up. Gosh I can't eat curry. I haven't had Indian food since. I just can't eat that curry."
Me: "Yeah, you should probably try it again, this time without the egg."

Once I turned back around to the guy I realized that he was pretty flustered for some reason.
Him: "I think I just rang your Punjab up"
Me: "Oh."
Him: Um...
Me: ....
Him: "I'll just give you your cheese for free since I rang that up twice."
Me: "Ok, great."
Him: [Laughing]
Me: [nervously] "I think I got like 10 of [fruit leather]" [nervous quasi-counting]
Him: "Can you come sign this?"
Me: [clumsily manuevering to the other side of the counter--apparently I'd been standing in the wrong place the whole time--entering pin number--checking cash back amount]
Him: [handing me the money]
Me: "Thanks."
Him: "You're welcome."
Me: "Have a good day."
Him: "Did you get your money?"
Me: "Yeah, you gave it to me [like ten seconds ago], it's great."
Him: "Oh." [laughing] "OK, see you later."

Wow, how hilarious, how endearing, how only-in-movies, or else how-everyday. I'm not sure which it is, but whatever happened there in Trader Joe's it totally made my day. I think I'll go back on Saturday to see if he's working and try to figure out a charming way to talk to him.


Took shower, got in PJs, lit candle, listening to Neko Case, and Boss B comes in to ask me if I've eaten dinner and inform me that Bosses A and C have gotten into town and want to go eat dinner. Not one to turn down dinner, I sort of halfheartedly agree and put on some clothes.

So we went to this place called Jalapeno's which was the nicest and most elegant Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. Apparently Boss A is buddies or something with the owner so we were sort of treated like VIPs. Boss A ordered a bottle of wine so we all shared it and that was fun, and it was just a jovial time. The mole was unlike mole I've ever had (I've probably been eating cheap skeazy hole-in-the-wall- Mexican-type mole this whole time and this was my first taste of an authentic high-quality mole) and it was really spicy and had a lot of cinnamon. Of course Boss A picked up the tab. It's neat to go out to an expensive dinner with a bottle of wine on the table and expensive good food and linen napkins and everyone dressed up, and not have to pay for anything, and have my bosses waited on hand and foot. I think I could get used to that.

When we got home it was after 10, and I sat at the kitchen table with Boss A and told him about the boy at Trader Joe's, and also how I went to Nordstrom earlier and the most flamboyantly gay man I'eve ever seen (and when I say flamboyant I mean highlighted and curled hair, more makeup than me, which I must say was not very tastefully applied and he could have used some oil blotting sheets or at least a touchup of powder) was working the Kiehl's counter and gave me lke 30 samples of wrinkle and line-erasing cream, and one sample of shampoo.

The world is a very strange and enchanting place, a fact that is daily reaffirmed for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get into the most hilarious situations! I would love to be a little fly watching all the comings and goings. MoT

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fun day for you and great reading for me! rlh

6:22 PM  

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