Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Sugar Incident & Other Stories

Two nights ago I went into DC because a buddy of my friend Anne Louise was in town, and I had remarked to this person my desire to get out of Annapolis and come hang out in DC, and as I'm an acquaintance of my buddy's buddy it seemed like the perfet opportunity for me to come. We went to eat at this place called the Hawk and Dove and all had fish and chips (seems like it should be fish n' chips, no?), it being St. Patrick's day and all. Then we hiked down to Union Station, got some Starbuckses, and went to I don't really know where to this party of I don't really know whose. Something about someone Anne Louises's coworker/friend knows, or something, ,maybe having to do with Truman Scholars or the University of Georgia, I'm really not sure. (Photo: me and Jessica -the buddy- at Hawk and Dove.)

Anyway at this party were about 25 people who didn't seem to know each other. It could have been a scene from a movie, that stereotypical party scene where the protagonists arrive, not really knowing what to expect, and sort of sit in a corner, miserable, but laughing at everyone else there because that's the most fun thing to do. There was the requisite RTG (Really Tall Girl), the RO&LDG (Really Obnoxious & Loud Drunk Girl), the RRNKs (Really Really Nerdy Kids--wait, that was nearly everyone there), the RRMAL (Really Random Middle Aged Woman), and friends of all the above.

Anne Louise may have said it the best when she said it was a "Total White People's Party." The following characteristics made it that: the veggie plate, the failure to dim any lights whatsoever, the absence of music, the Christmas lights, the St. The RO&LDG sort of dominated the whole party. I think she goes down in history as the most annoying person I've ever been in the same room with in my life. Mainly it was her voice that was awful--at one point, about 7 people standing around me were laughing in disbelief that someone's voice could actually be that paintful to the ear. I seriously can't even describe it. (Photo: pictoral proof of the lameness of the party. The look on my face should tell all.)

Notice I said it was "mainly" her voice that was so annoying. The fact that at one point she went into the kitchen and flipped a spoonfull of sugar into the living room--landing mostly on me--added considerably to her level of awfulness. Anne Louise said of the incident, and I nearly quote:

"I saw her pick up the spoon and fill it with sugar, and I saw the awful look on her face like she might be up to something. Then I saw her pick up the spoon and sort of get it into position, but I thought, 'No way. She really isn't doing that.' Then she raised the spoon and tilted it back, but I still didn't think she could actually be doing that. And then she did it. I still didn't really think that actually happened even after it happened. I just didn't think anyone would actually do that."

We later dubbed it "The Sugar Incident."

Next day we went to brunch at Bread and Chocolate (I had a delicious avocado omelet and way too many pieces of bread) and then to Eastern Market, and finally over to Georgetown for a day of walking around. It was not really as charming as I expected it would be, but that's probably cause there were just SDMP (So Daggone Many People) in the way everywhere. And everyone was SDR (So Daggone Rich). I was just sort of appalled by everything. I'd like to go over on a non-weekend day and explore a bit more and try to find the more out-of-the-way shops. (Photo: random pic of Georgetown houses.)

On the way out of town, I saw a flea market to my left and at the last minute decided to turn around, because I can't resist a good flea market. I sort of got the feeling that maybe I wasn't in a real good area when I got out of the car and some guy shoved a gold (?) necklace in my face and muttered something about it not being very much money or something, and then I heard some really ghetto music pumping really loud, and realized that the flea market was more like a really big garage sale for the 'hood. Not good. I called mom on my cell phoneto play off the fact that I walked past it and turned right around, like I meant to do that and wasn't dissing the flea market, and also for some guise of business so I wouldn't get mugged. Good going, Erin, glad you know how to handle sticky situations.

After a couple days like those, the only solution was a 14-hour night's sleep. How refreshed was I this morning? PDR (Pretty Daggone Refreshed).


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