Thursday, March 16, 2006

You know you're having a good day when...

The day was off to a good start as Boss B returned from the grocery around 8 this morning with lots of food and, most importantly, coffee. Boss A wasted not a moment in opening the ice cream and having a sample--and when I say sample I mean three bowls full. Only fair really: three types of ice cream, three samples. So around the kitchen table, the Bosses and I tried to plan the day. There was a little arguing as usual, with nobody knowing what to do with me, so it was decided that it would be useful for me to go on a road trip with Boss A and try to learn some stuff.

I got to go with Boss A today down to what we'll call the 'Car Wreck Building" for nearly literal reasons. Boss A had to meet with these bigwig preservation attorneys on the site, so I sat in his RNP (Really Nice Pickup) and tried to make a table on Microsoft Word. The result of my efforts, sadly, was not a table; rather, it was the realization that under no circumstances should I ever be allowed to touch a computer. i was trying to make this basic table of the seeds that we need to order for the heritage garden, and I sat there for an hour and a half and once I had a pretty good table going, all the lines spontaneously rearranged themselves and I spent another 20 minutes trying to get everything lined back up. What I ended up with was an upside down and inverted L-shaped table, with the headings going all the way across, but no lines underneath a third of the table. What a failure. I don't even know if Boss B wanted a table--she may have wanted just a simple list of the seeds to order. Then again, if I had made a list, she would have wanted a table, and I'm sure would have made one in about 5 minutes that would have been way better in every way than the completely dysfunctional failure of a table I spent an hour and a half on.

Then Boss A and I went out for lunch to this restaurant attached to a hotel. Usually I would not step foot in a hotel restaurant unless it was the Waldorf-Astoria or Seelach or whatever, but Boss A seemed to remember this restaurant as being good when he ate at another location in another town. There was an interesting looking hole-in-the-wall seafood joint next door that would probably have been better. If it had been anyone else but my boss, I would have insisted upon the HITW because I think that's from whence the delightful garlic breeze was coming, but I thought he probably wanted to eat at this place for sentimental reasons and the food didn't really matter. Anyway it was a totally typical hotel (actually I think motel may be more accurate) restaurant: cheesy decor, past-their-prime waitressses. Ours had about the heaviest and stripiest brown eyeshadow and liner that I have ever seen, and she was about 55. Regretfully I didn't order any of the AMSD (Apparent Maryland State Dessert), bread pudding. The menu said it was homemade, but in retrospect it's probably better that I passed.

This afternoon I spent a couple hours going through voice recorders and trying to delete old files and transcribe others. I stumbled onto one funny conversation in which Boss A was comparing his belt hangdowns to holsters--a cell phone on one side, an iPod on the other. He whipped the cell phone out of the "holster" and "shot" me when I reminded him of the conversation after I listened to it this afternoon. I work for the best people in the world, I'm telling you.


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I do not believe you could have used anymore abbreviations in the whole post. Nope. You really should be a fan of Sleepless in Seattle with all of the abbrevs.


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