Sunday, April 09, 2006

Finally: Queen week on American Idol!

I just (and by "just" I mean about two hours ago, but since this day is creeping along at the speed of...something really slow, it seems like it was 5 minutes ago) had a great surprise:

This week on American Idol: Queen songs!

Let me go ahead and say I've been waiting--nay, dying, for this. After sitting through boring Barry Manilow week and Stevie Wonder week and 1950s rock n roll week and country music week, all of which have been incredibly lame, I have been ready for something good.

Let me also go ahead and say that with American Idol my favorite show, and Queen my all-time favorite band, one of my main pastimes of the past month has been considering which Queen song I would do if ever on American Idol. I finally decided upon "Hammer to Fall" or "I Can't Live Without You" since "Killer Queen" is a little deep for me. But still, I always pictured myself singing Queen on one of the auditions or in the "Songs from our birth years" episode--I never even dreamed of a whole week dedicated to Queen. This is truly super.

These are my predictions for song choices:
Ace Young: Ace is cute but can't really sing too well so will rely on something sexy and danceable. He also has an affinity for dark 80s pop songs. Maybe "Another One Bites the Dust." Or if he really wanted to real the girls in, this would be the perfect week for it with "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy." I'd rather see Ace do "Killer Queen" than Taylor Hicks, but I'm thinking Taylor's got the theatrics for it.

Paris Bennett: Paris has probably never heard a Queen song except maybe in the intro to "A Knight's Tale" when the audience at the joust sings "We Will Rock You." Still, she's got a great voice. She should do "Somebody to Love." It's a difficult song with plenty of soul, and she could probably do it justice.

Taylor Hicks: He's a wild card. I'm gonna predict "Don't Stop Me Now" for Taylor, since it's really fast-paced, fun, and theatrical, and he could really jump around on the "Cause I'm havin a good time, havin a good time!" part. Could also see him doing "Radio Ga Ga."

The Bald Guy: He's boring and one-dimensional. Needs to do something really great. I can see him doing "Tie Your Mother Down" for its rockworthiness, but also "The Show Must Go On" for its darkness, strong guitars, and huge vocals.

The Stupid Hick Girl: She should just forfeit this week and go back to her holler. I do really not want to see her defile Queen. I got angry enough with one of the kids earlier on this season for defiling "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," but this will be a million times worse. I'm going to predict "You're My Best Friend" for her, because it's one of Queen's cheesier songs although I personally love it and want to walk down the aisle to it.

Katherine McPhee: one of the best singers in the competition. She should do "Breakthru" because she has a tendency to be boring and this would really show her spunk. I don't know. She's a toughie. Maybe "I Can't Live Without You" would be a good one for her. Then again, she likes to steal the attention so I could see her pushing for "Killer Queen" as it will be a crowd favorite no matter what.

Elliot Yamin: My favorite in the competition at this point. I want him to do "Radio Ga Ga" but he likes to pick the ones with the heavy emotional hit. Still, "Radio Ga Ga" would be so much fun, and it's a great one for highlighting his gorgeous voice.

Bucky Covington: Maybe "I Want It All," since it's a rocking out song, but I could also see him doing "Killer Queen" (doing it a huge injustice, I mean). I don't know. Someone's gotta do "I Want It All," and it will be him or The Bald Guy. Of course I love "Fat Bottomed Girls," but who knows if Fox will let it be on the show--I would almost bet nobody will do it. Still, Bucky would be the one for it. He's definitely the white trashiest of the bunch.

Now personally if I was in it this week, I'd be singing "The Show Must Go On" or "I Can't Live Without You."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to Mandisa? Dad

4:34 PM  
Blogger TOM said...

So long as nobody tries Bicycle, it couldn't be that bad. Definitely no worse than Barry Manilow. Barry Fucking Manilow? Gaaaa.

9:38 PM  

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