Sunday, April 30, 2006

The MDH is back!

Finally, The Maryland Debutante's Handbook is back!!!

I don't have much insight into life today, but I do have some updates.

I've been all over the place these past few weeks so have scarcely had an opportunity to talk to Mom on the phone, much less anyone else, and very much less write anything. I've been in Virginia working the past 3 weeks at Menokin and it's been going pretty well, aside from some highly stressful episodes and the fact that there is hardly any edible food in the town we're staying, or the town nearest that.

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, we ate at the same place, out of desperation. It's called Anna's Italian Restaurant or something, and looks straight out of Napoleon Dynamite. There are neon lights everywhere, mostly pink, and some wrestling trophies next to the counter. In the corner is a palm tree with Christmas lights. Boss A was in such despair on Thursday night that he almost ordered a triple order of french fries because everything on the
menu is pretty scary. We ended up splitting a pizza called "Three Cheese Bianca" (I include the name of the pizza because even though you probably think it's totally irrelvant and mundane, I thought it was hilarious.) Ricotta cheese on pizza is so hard to beat. The pizza was garlicky, cheesy, salty and delicious and I could eat it every day.

I just had the best weekend ever. I went to Pennsylvania to see Third Eye Blind on Friday and Saturday night. They debuted some new songs for us, and I got my picture taken with Stephan and half-way met Tony. I got home today and slept for 6 hours. Now it's 12:30 and to me it feels like 7 in the evening, and I'm starving, but I don't want McDonald's and I don't want to change out of my PJs.

When I got home, I talked online to some people I met this weekend, and while describing what I've eaten today (a pack of nabs and some honey roasted cashews), I had to tell someone what nabs are. From Urban Dictionary: "inexpensive small packet of crackers with cheese or peanut butter." And its sample sentence is the best: "man, give me a pack of dem nabs."


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