Monday, May 29, 2006

Rice Pudding For Life

This was a pretty rough day in the land of the Crazies in which I live. Besides the fact that the Bosses were at the top of their game when it comes to indecision and tension (you could have cut the latter with a butter knife), my mom suggested that I go on a soft food diet.

I have a lot of stomach problems. Basically, to keep it all lighthearted and not gross you out too much, I'll just explain it by saying that practically anything I eat or drink makes me puke. I used to think I was lactose intolerant, but now I think that my body just doesn't like food. It doesn't like milk, hot coffee, salad, salad dressing, cereal, Coke, water, pasta, bread...the list goes on and on. I tried to talk to my doctors in Frankfort about it before I moved up here, and they basically tossed me some sample pills, said "Take these," and that was that. I took them, that was that, and now I'm throwing up lettuce, rice, and whole grain super nutritious cereal puffs again.

So Mom suggested I try this soft food thing that her sister's friend went on when her colon was found to be in bad shape. Something like that anyway. The goal is to cut down on fiber and give my esophagus or colon or whatever tube is being affected by constant vomiting a break. So last night I went to Giant and bought:

3 four-packs of no sugar added pudding (rice--it's gross, chocolate--doesn't have much flavor, and butterscotch--haven't tried it yet). I ate 3 of them today. 3 cups, that is, not 3 four-packs.

A Big Thing of applesauce. I ate a bowl today for a snack at 3 pm, and was starving again by 5.

2 six-packs of those little tiny yogurts. I ate one of the yogurts with a chocolate pudding for breakfast this morning.

And some bananas.

Then for dinner, I had leftover cheese enchiladas verde--really good and spicy, with red onions on top, and black refried beans and rice. Delicioso.

That was the last bit of delicious food I'll eat for a while if I keep this soft food thing up, so I figured one meal couldn't hurt. Now it's out of the fridge, and I'll be back to pudding, yogurt, and applesauce. Although I am going to have to do something about this rice pudding. Anyone who knows a way to make no sugar added rice pudding tastilicious, let me know.


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