Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Friday Night in America

It would be so much easier to realize my potential as the Maryland Debutante if I didn't have to work. Today was more blah, blah, blah. I had a good breakfast of some organic banana flax almond green tea (don't ask--I have no idea) cereal I bought yesterday at Trader Joe's (for those of you following the imagined romance, I think Trader Joe's must have quit working there). Then it was off to move the office to the basement. I put on my iPod, lit my favorite candle, and set to work organizing. I got to do that until 11 or so, when Boss A came downstairs to join me to do some "real work."

Mid-afternoon Boss A and I went to the gym. We just switched gyms--the old one was huge and sort of the Alpha Gym. It was like something you'd see on the Super Yuppie Channel on TV, if there was such a thing. Really big and scary, with buff men walking around supervising and everyone wearing blue and yellow polo shirts, and their own "cafe" with an espresso bar, lots of fresh food, hardwood floor, and general perfectness that was so over-the-top that it felt fake. The new gym is much more my speed. Only a few people working out in the gym at any given time, and the only trainer I've seen is a middle-aged man of indeterminate age man with a crew cut and who may or may not be mentally retarded.

This evening I played phone tag with quasi-almost-boyfriend-figure-guy, who I'm almost but not quite dating. It happened like this: I was talking to Helper A, guy-I'm-almost-dating called, I clicked "Ignore" thinking I'd call him later, Helper A left, I called voicemail and GIAD had left a message, I called GIAD back and he didn't answer, so I left a voicemail. Then Boss B comes in and tells me Boss A had insisted that we go out to this place called Sputnik for dinner, and I couldn't resist so she gave me 5 minutes to change clothes and get ready. Midway through appetizer course, GIAD called and I clicked ignore, he left a message, I stepped out to call him back, he didn't answer, I left a message. Insanity. I haven't talked to him tonight, and I decided to go to bed.

About dinner: Sputnik is an expensive and totally weird, neon, mod-vibed restaurant buried in the middle of nowhere. I had sesame encrusted salmon and my first sushi (it was vegetable; I refuse to eat fish sushi, ew) and--you won't believe it--I even ate a bite of Boss A's scallops. Very scary, and I had to choke it down, but I did it. My first voluntary bite of scallop ever, I think. Dessert was by far the best course, as it usually is. Helper A, who is straight out of the North Carolina religious right boondocks non-culture, and usually eats dinner at chain BBQ restaurants or the mall food court, was pretty disturbed by the whole experience. In other words, he wouldn't touch his potatoes because they were spiced by garlic!!! of all things and thought all the waiters were gay. (I naturally was thrilled--I thought were really cute, hip, and totally to my taste, definitely the first arty/cultured-looking guys I've seen in Annapolis to date). (In the picture you can see the designer plastic lawn chairs and exquisitely folded linen napkins that mark the decor of Sputnik.)

Bedtime now, I guess. Maybe read Dorian Gray. It's hard to be a good debutante when you're sleepy at 10 on a Friday night and really just want to light a candle and crawl into bed with a book.